Friday, July 10, 2015


No matter how many times I tell myself that "next year I'm not going to do an all-out party for the kids" it always still happens.  I think I'm a sucker for cuteness.  And birthdays are just that.  Cute kids, cute invites, cute decor, cute, Cute, CUTE!!!  So, I love it and at least all the kids' birthdays are spaced far enough apart that I forget how much stress they are.  I have learned a few tricks to make them less stressful though and that makes it all the better.  Without further adieu I give you little A's most recent party and let the cuteness be shared:

BIG tray of delicious cupcakes for the big girl

A picnic/water party is SOOO perfect for a June birthday!!  These cupcakes were divine--watermelon flavored cupcakes with whipped cream frosting (the BEST frostings are with whipped cream) and sour watermelon candies.  The cake/ice cream part is one that I've dialed down on.  Now I go for cute and easy cupcakes rather than cut cakes & I only have ice cream if it's in cake form and it is the cake. 

Aren't the watermelons in the background adorable?!  These were the party favors and were filled with candy.  I love getting my kids a little involved in helping with their party so Little A painted them and I think she could have done at least a dozen more.  That's my girl!

I bought this slide at the beginning of summer because I always enjoy getting a new thing to keep the kids active and having fun at home.  They have a blast with this slide.  This is one of little A's best friends who moved but not before she came to the party.

B taking a turn

Little A splashes down!

This guy loved trying different positions of flying through the tunnel

J helped with this game.  The girls had to shoot the ping pong balls off this game he made quite a while ago.  Verdict is that all but little A need some aiming lessons....though looking at the guests none of them have brothers, at least old enough to play shooting games with.

B helped with this game of sponge filler.  Both teams were super competitive and the timing was tight. 

Jeff helped with this game--all of them helped with a game while I got A's requested picnic lunch the rest of the way ready and set up.

The picnic spread: Mac 'N Cheese, grape kabobs, watermelon popsicles, chips, veggie platter with ants on a log, cukes and carrots and juice boxes.  I think almost everything got eaten.

"Happy Birthday to you...."

And, of course, a water balloon fight!!  Check out the balloon that B just threw and is in the air headed for its target.

At one point the kids all attacked me so I had to retaliate.  After this we put a sprinkler on the trampoline until parents came.

This is after her actual bday by a week or so.  She's showing a considerable amount of self-discipline with those white chocolate Kit-Kats.

Her actual bday was while we were in Colorado so we had ice cream cones to celebrate

We also did a pinata filled with candy and it actually went through all 11 kids so little A got to do it again until it popped.  
We just celebrated her tons this birthday season and will be drawing it out until August for her baptism too.  She is such a joyful part of our lives and we just love her tons and bunches.  It's definitely worth the small amount of work to celebrate her with friends and family.

Friday, February 6, 2015

What, a 2nd post within days?  It must be important....

Science Fair!  

p.s.  there's no way I'm old enough to be helping my own kids with science fair.  Who's kid is this?!